Crafting with Josie

Crafting with Josie - Pearlescent Mica Spray

Crafting with Josie - Pearlescent Mica Spray

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⭐️Create amazing products with this beautiful spray! ⭐️

Made to add a touch of shimmer to your projects. Can be used all surfaces including card and mdf! 

This is iridescent so it will pick up whatever colour is underneath! 
Give projects that final pop!! 

30ml spray bottle

⭐️ Do not ingest 

⭐️Keep away from animals 

⭐️ Children must be supervised 

⭐️ Make sure all mica is moving before spraying, if it is still sat at the bottom it will clog your nozzle. 

⭐️ Swirl/shake between each spritz 

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